I’m Gramma Gaga


 Retirement is sometimes viewed as a final phase in life. How sad is that? For me, it has been a new beginning, an opportunity to reinvent myself, to explore, to learn something new, and to live many of my days being mindfully present with my granddaughters.

Where I was once driven by my dedication to teaching, I am now completely devoted to the goings on of ‘my girls’, and eagerly follow their lead. I frolic in the delights of these little humans, and they continuously remind me, life is a precious gift. As a life long learner, I pay close attention to my granddaughters take on life. Consequently, I’ve lost myself in their perception of this great big world, and how to joyfully navigate it. It has been said, ‘life is not a dress rehearsal’. I totally get that now. I see life through a new and improved lens, and will be forever grateful for time spent with ‘my girls’.

Retirement is many things, for me, it is a new beginning. 


(cedarmountainstudios.com  Art block hand made on Saltspring Island)

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Warm regards,

Marla O’Brien



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