Welcome to Write From the Soul!   

Retirement is sometimes viewed as a final phase in life. How sad is that? For me, it has been a new beginning, an opportunity to reinvent myself, to explore, to learn something new, and to live each and every moment of every day being mindfully present.

Where I was once driven by productivity, perfectionism and a need to always be in control, I now view these ‘miss takes’ as guideposts. I am continually guided away from what I call, ‘clutter’ and directed toward a more purposeful life. Consequently, an interesting thing has happened. I’ve lost myself in the flow of writing, cooking, and sipping fine wines. Along the way I discovered this:

Living through self-compassion is the path to greater purpose

As a writer, lover of wine, and all things related to delicious food, I have set off on an adventure to bring them all together in Soul Writing

I invite you to tag along and explore with me, delightful morsels, and soulful writing. Enjoy! 


Retirement has been many things but most of all it has been liberating. 


(cedarmountainstudios.com  Art block hand made on Saltspring Island)

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Warm regards,

Marla O’Brien


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