Many years ago, a new mom watched her son take his first step. As she let go of his tiny hand, she had to trust and in doing so, had released him to experience life in his own curious way.

As time passed, new situations presented themselves. The first time she had to leave him in the arms of a babysitter, and even though she had practically written a book of instructions on how to take care of her baby, she had to let go and trust and allow him to explore the face of another.

When he started Kindergarten and she had to let him go for a whole two and a half hours each school day, she was able to trust and watch her son learn and grow and experience new friendships in his own unique way.

Today, he is setting out to live and work in another country. His mother continues to trust because she knows that not only does he have great courage and wisdom, not only will he experience the world with conscious inquisition, but through trust, he will be guided to continue to live life in his own genuine way.

“I step out beyond the known to claim the riches of my true potential…  I listen with my heart and hear myself.” Alan Cohen

Always trust in your innermost deepest self, as it will never let you down.

And, please look both ways before crossing the street 😉


6 thoughts on “Trust

  1. What a wonderful example of the love you have for your sons. So beautiful, Marla. I hope you are already planning your visit to see him 🙂

      1. Prayer with thoughts toward your heart of love. I send to you each day a bouquet of sweet prayer. He is beautiful, full of your world and gifts, the world of adventure, faith and truth from Inner Spirit is as close as your breath to him and his to you. Love To You All, Auntie/Bg Sis

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