Women’s Intimate Relationship With Wine


I have an intimate relationship with wine. I enjoy the warmth and smoothness of a gentle Pinot Noir as it softly streams down my throat and slowly enters my bloodstream. I revel in its ability to wash over my very essence, to bring me to total calm. I let go of everything I need to do or be, and I welcome this euphoria. It is an utterly blissful experience.

Do you ever feel seduced by your daily or, periodic infusion of wine? It truly is intoxicating, isn’t it? Have you ever wondered why women have an emotional connection to wine? Benign and positive as it may seem, there is also a dark side.

Women today are career minded, hard-working, care giving, survivors, thanks to their predecessors who fought hard for women’s rights. Women get up every morning, empty the dishwasher, throw in a load of laundry, make breakfast, lunches, vacuum, dust, and then head for the shower. They go to work, juggle their calendars, projects, assignments and meetings, followed by, attending parent-teacher nights, recitals, sporting events and are continuously organizing car pools, bottle drives and bake sales. They wipe noses and other body parts, take out the trash, fix the toilet, paint a bedroom, all the while  striving for perfection, smiling when anyone notices, and they’ll still look like a million bucks at the end of it all, including after that 90 minute workout they managed to squeeze into their day.

Oh ya, we’ve come a long way baby.


Perhaps a slight exaggeration, the fact remains, women are spent at the end of each day.  There is a common thread woven among women today; the desire for connection, acceptance and unconditional love. So, when women ‘share’ a bottle of wine together, they are sharing and bearing more than their souls. They are sharing their passions, and their hearts, their fears, and their dreams. Women console one another, get to the heart of every matter, feel the pain of the other, and will even combine forces to serve, for the benefit of one among them who may have fallen, making the bond even stronger.

At the end of the day, there remains a tendency to self medicate, to numb, to melt into the evening, and it’s no wonder, given all women do. There are a myriad of wines yet to be swirled, swished, tasted and swallowed but mostly, to be shared, and let’s hope that in doing so, women are not put in harms way, and finding themselves on the dark side of wine.

So, when I say I have an intimate relationship with wine, please don’t misunderstand me, it truly is both benign and positive. It is a simple pleasure I enjoy giving in to, it is something I choose to do, not need to do, and it is especially fulfilling when I’m sharing with the women I hold dear in my life.

Do you have an intimate relationship with wine? I am currently involved in an intense writing program and need your help! You can share your comments and/or stories on this blog post or, send me a confidential email via my contact page above.

I am eternally grateful, in advance, for your submissions!

Warm Regards,

as always,

Marla O’Brien

Recipe: Red Wine Pasta!




6 thoughts on “Women’s Intimate Relationship With Wine

  1. I do, I do have an intimate relationship with wine. What is there not to love? Does it help that my neighborhood consists of seven wineries in walking distance, not to mention that two of them are world class – absolutely! My favorite time of the day? Sitting on the deck overlooking the vineyard and giving thanks for all those grapes.

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