Happy Spring! Happy Birth Day!


Is it that they remind me of tiny hands unfolding to reveal the treasures of new birth?


Maybe it’s how they relax into the room, leaning this way and that, bowing down as if to say, “Happy Spring! Happy Birth Day!”


Their hearts, bold and defined, pull me in, offering an opportunity to appreciate the complexities of nature, and life. They represent a passage through time, resulting in the completion of a delicate gift.


In a bunch they speak loudly. Like giggly girls at their first dance one can’t help but notice them. They can own a room and equally define it. I love that about tulips.


I admire their strength as they stand tall ready to reveal a hidden treasure. Whether  young and just a little shy, or open and ready to greet the day, I can’t help but feel gratitude.


Recently, my family celebrated the 30th birthday of one of my sons at a unique wine bar and paint studio. A wonderful, creative outlet, the experience provided each of us with an opportunity to share laughter, and build new memories while we dared to believe in our creative abilities.


I stood back staring at the blank canvas and envisioned my starting point. I dipped my brush in a bright yellow blob and began to apply it. A sudden rush of excitement raced through me as I dipped and stroked and dipped again. As I paused for just a brief moment, I felt the colors burst, creating new life right before my eyes. While I don’t proclaim to be anything close to a ‘real’ artist, what mattered was the experience. Like a fearless child I was free to express my ‘self’ in any way I chose. There were no boundaries within my canvas. It was a liberating experience.

IMG_2327Not unlike the birth of a flower, a painting, the writing of a book, what emerges through the passage of time is a treasure. As a gift of our own transformation, treasure offers us an opportunity to step outside ourselves, and see with new eyes.

Ahhh tulips, I am grateful that you made me stop and notice you. You raised my awareness of not just your beauty, but of your evolution and how every living thing is a part of it.

Most importantly, though, I am grateful for the love my blessed family shares each and every day as we celebrate our passages of time together. Each of you is a treasure, and I am forever and always grateful.

Warm Regards,

Marla O’Brien

Using tulip petals as they complete their life cycle…

Goats cheese dip in tulip petals courtesy of :






4 thoughts on “Happy Spring! Happy Birth Day!

  1. Marla, your writing is so beautiful and your painting amazing! You are not only an incredible writer but also a budding artist! Hélène

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