I’m on the Right Track Baby!


Mario Batali’s  Orecchietta with Romano Beans (The Chew)

Okay, so you need to know I am not intending to post on a daily basis. Life is busy enough right? I couldn’t resist however, as today being DAY ONE, it is a very important beginning for many of us, right?

I find it very interesting how our intentions can be tested when we least expect it.

I got up this morning ready, willing and very excited to get started on my new plan. As it was raining heavily my back-up work out room, and plan, kicked into gear!  Ha! So there rain. I was ready for you. You can’t stop me, no, no, no.

I’m on the treadmill and begin my power walk. Hmm this is different. I’m used to walking outside so, Map My Walk can’t track me as I’m not really going anywhere. That’s okay, I can rely on my treadmill to give me the important information I need such as distance, time, calories burned, pace, etc.

Hmm. Also not used to using the remote and watching TV while walking. No problem. I can do this, yes I can.

I’m going a pretty good pace and the U.S. Open, tennis match was on. Cool. Well it was cool until I forgot where I was. I became so involved with the serves and plays that I came close, several times, to jumping off the treadmill. It was as though I suddenly became Ivanovic! She’s so damn cute. In my dreams I’m that young and fit again. Anyway, I realized this was not helping my workout so changed the channel.  I don’t watch a whole lot of television so I can honestly say I’m not very familiar with the programs, particularly daytime television.

What the heck is this? The Chew, is a cooking program and there, right before my hungry eyes was some expert on Italian food, Mario Batali making beautiful orecchiettie. How could this possibly happen on DAY ONE?


Fortunately, there was a commercial break and when they announced they would return with an Italian bread recipe to DIE for, I shut the whole thing down. Off went the T.V. On went my tunes. Gotta love Lady Ga Ga.

Chorus of ‘Born This Way

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way
Don’t hide yourself in regret
Just love yourself and you’re set
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way

I’ve never power walked so fast in my life!

aaand, I was on the right track baby!

How about you out there. How was DAY ONE?


4 thoughts on “I’m on the Right Track Baby!

  1. I was also on the treadmill. No rain in Kelowna on day one, so I managed to walk Macey. Listened to Rock channel on the radio which got me not only power walking, I was dancing on the treadmill too. Now that was fun!

  2. Well my day started off great! Got up, did my YouTube exercise routine, ate a berry and Greek yogurt breakfast, made my salad with chicken for lunch and headed off to work with my litre of water.

    All was going well until it was time to go home. Dan called me and asked me to pick him up at the car dealer because he was dropping off his truck for a service. When I met him at the dealer he said “hey, there is an accident on the way home and the traffic report says the highway is really backed up, so let’s go out for dinner!” Ah SH#%! Now I’m doomed, I thought!

    But I said to myself “this is a test, I can do this and stick with my plan!” So I bravely said “okay!” I’m happy to report that I had the grilled chicken and apple salad with dressing one the side and a tall wine spritzer.

    And when I got home I took Murph for a brisk walk!

    So I made it through day 1 – now on to day 2 !!!!!

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