Ten Days Left, But Hey, Who’s Counting?


With the change in weather I am definitely using my indoor workout space more frequently and loving it. I decided that a change in fitness routine would also be welcomed at this point so here’s what I’m doing as we officially come to the end of the challenge.

1. I have opted for 2 – 3 days of interval training per week to offset my weight training program. This makes for a well rounded fitness week. Check it out at:


2. I’ve also added core training and holy moly is this working or what?


3. I’m power walking on the treadmill 3 days per week and I’ve added a walk/run component to my cardio.

I looked up the definition of challenge and came up with a few which differed somewhat, based on context. In the context of health and well being my favorite is:

“Anything, as a demanding task, that calls for special effort of dedication.

Short, simple, sweet and rings true in  my ears.

So now what? In ten days this challenge will be complete, in terms of my posts on the topic. While the challenge was meant to draw attention to demanding tasks, special efforts of dedication, and goal setting, I’d be grateful to know how it all unfolded in your world. You can comment on the post or, you can respond to my contact link for privacy.

Recipe of the week: Coconut Fried, that’s right, FRIED Chicken!


This recipe came from the NO SUGAR GUY, Jorge Cruise:

Hopefully you are aware of all the hoopla these days over anything coconut and all the benefits to boot. Check out the benefits of anything coconut here:


Sharing this challenge was in an effort to engage YOU, the follower of this blog, as well as to support all of your efforts. This has kept me accountable and on track. I hope it has provided YOU with some encouragement and commitment to your own plan.

Best wishes for the next ten days and remember that just because the challenge officially comes to a close, doesn’t mean you stop everything you’ve worked for. Keep switching it up and continue to provide yourself with new routines, recipes and a support network to help keep you accountable. Be true to yourself, keep it R.E.A.L. and most importantly,  stay challenged.

Warm Regards,

Marla O’Brien


2 thoughts on “Ten Days Left, But Hey, Who’s Counting?

  1. I’ve been doing interval training for five weeks now 4 to 5 times a week. This works best for me – gets my lungs and heart going. I do four sets of running (speed 6 or 7) on the treadmill, along with inclines from 5 to 13. at speed 3.5 topped off with the last 5 minutes of power walking at speed 4 – slow down to speed 3 the last two minutes. 30 minutes on the treadmill after 20 minutes of weights. Boy does that feel good.

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