Half Way Through The 40 Day Challenge… A Temporary Interruption… A Welcomed Change


Hard to believe we are HALF WAY THROUGH THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE! Last week I discussed that when we set our health and wellness goals we need to choose a plan we can stick to. We also need to be realistic.  I’ve heard from many of you regarding your progress and one of the things that seems to be a common thread for most is change. A change in routine, a change in mood, a change in sleep patterns, even a change in the weather can bring on a temporary interruption of the plan. We need to give ourselves permission to accept change, as it will inevitably happen. Change is what leads us and takes us to our next step. We also need to allow ourselves to indulge from time to time and to recognize that any change or interruption of our plan is quite simply, temporary.

I just experienced a temporary interruption. It was entirely by choice and I don’t have an once of regret. In fact, it was wonderful. My extended family arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday. We had a lovely visit, cooking gourmet dinners, drinking fine wines, getting caught up with our lives, playing cards, shopping, going out for breakfast one day and lunch the next. We even watched a great comedy and laughed until our sides ached, chips and dip on the side.


This is living and I chose to enjoy every minute. Being a bit of a foodie I also viewed this as an opportunity to get creative in the kitchen. It was like treat and cheat day everyday of the visit. Besides enjoying my family, food and laughter, I did stick to my smaller portions rule, lean protein and lots of veggies, herbs and seasonings, while dessert consisted of green tea and dark chocolate. Keeping just a few things consistent can go a long way when it comes to temporary interruptions. I was also sure to do a work out in the morning prior to their arrival, as well as the day they left. So I missed a whole two days. Big deal.

I am very aware that my indulgences of the weekend set me back slightly but only temporarily. I am realistic in that I don’t expect to step on the scale tomorrow and have it show me something miraculous. Furthermore, I will not beat myself up for these choices. Each of the three days was well worth it and I knew it was just a brief pause, in fact if anything, I welcomed this change. Change took me to a place where I didn’t feel deprived. Change kept me real and on track for the week to come. Change became the catalyst that validated a temporary interruption.

This next 20 days I will be stepping up my workout program, which I would have done regardless of anything temporary. Now that I’m done with temporary for the time being (trust me, it will come about again) I’m ready to get back to my more permanent routine that I’ve built throughout this challenge. In this way I am also setting myself up for what follows. Change included. You know, when the 40 days are done.

That will be the topic of my next post.

Keep it REAL!

Warm Regards,

Marla O’Brien

Repeat after me: “I give myself permission to have a temporary interruption from my plan from time to time! I give myself permission to have a temporary …… etc.”


Recipe of the Week: Garlic Mashed Cauliflower (not all white things are bad!)

From yours truly

1 head of cauliflower

1 head of garlic (roasted)

2 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp butter

1 cup chicken broth

salt and pepper to taste

Remove outer skin from the garlic, cut off about 1/4 inch from the top and coat with olive oil. Roast the garlic at 400 for about 30 minutes. Wash, core and remove the leaves on the cauliflower. Break it into small florets and place in a pot with 1 cup of chicken stock. Steam gently until soft. Strain the cauliflower and reserve about 1/4 cup of the stock. Puree in a food processor, scraping the sides from time to time. Slowly add olive oil, butter and the roasted garlic (pulp only) to the cauliflower and continue to puree. Add chicken broth to desired texture. Salt and pepper to taste.

A yummy and nutrient rich replacement for potatoes.

There are numerous variations that add low fat cheeses, milk/cream/buttermilk, herbs, spices, etc. This one is low in fat and delish!


6 thoughts on “Half Way Through The 40 Day Challenge… A Temporary Interruption… A Welcomed Change

  1. Well, well, well, I’m glad I’m not the only one that took a turn on the 40 day challenge over the weekend. I must confess, I had an Eatmore chocolate bar on Friday and couldn’t believe I cheated. Though I enjoyed every single bite, I also had this overwhelming feeling of guilt which only lasted about a minute. I quickly turned my cheating into treating and boy, after I convinced myself I deserved a treat after being so good for three weeks, my chocolate bar steal from the fridge turned into a celebration. This did not give me the excuse to continue treating myself. I came so close to having a glass of wine but had a vodkie instead. See, I’m still celebrating!!!

  2. I, too, had a temporary interruption this past weekend! The family was over for dinner and I enjoyed my family, food, wine and I indulged in Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Roasted Pistachio Toffee! It was delish and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Felt very guilty the next day but your post helped me realize that everyone needs a temporary interruption and that we can move on and keep going with our plan! So I am back on my plan and feeling good! Yes! I can do this!

  3. WOW, the plan is going on, you ate great, had fun, and laughter is the best for inner blood work and mood changes, all for the good, keep it up girl it is working, and the food looks delicious Big Hugs.

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