The Plan… What Works for You? Is it REAL?


Heading into week three of the 40 Day Challenge, I find myself feeling just a little discouraged. This is partly because I am not where I’d hoped to be in terms of weight loss and partly because I know why. I’m also being impatient. I want it all to happen right NOW! Yet, I know that any sensible, healthy, realistic, long lasting weight loss occurs when one chooses a plan and sticks to it over time. For each of us that plan is most likely different based on what has or hasn’t worked for us before and for many of us, there was a before.

The list of choices can be enough to make a person head straight for the nearest drive-thru. For example: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dr. Bernstein, Herbal Magic, Slimfast, The 100, Paleo, Atkins, Wheat Belly, Cabbage Soup, Mushrooms…. the list goes on and on and on. The plan can also be a single first step in the right direction like excluding pop, or wine, or the almighty potato. Or, it can be a meal by meal, day by day, prescribed meal plan. It really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that if we are serious about our goals then we do need to have a plan. And even more important, it needs to be realistic enough that we can stick to it.

Over the past two weeks I have found myself revisiting recipes from one familiar plan and then trying out recipes from a new and different plan. Trouble is, I keep hopping from one to another and this just isn’t working. Each of the plans has a different take on the whole process of weight loss. So, combining plans is not the smartest thing this cookie has ever done. But I am done.

Okay, so I’ve given myself a pep talk and I’m reminding myself of what this is really all about. Keeping it REAL.

R EAL FOOD (nothing processed)

E XERCISE (get moving)

A TTITUDE (stay positive, it does a mind and body good)

L ESS  (lessen portion size. Less really is more!)

For me, it’s not about becoming an unrealistic version of all things skinny, rather, it is about health, wellness and balance. I believe that when we feel good, we look good too, despite an extra few pounds. So my focus is to continue with what’s working, like my power walks which make me feel fantastic, and to stick to the plan, one plan…

“and I’m feeeeelin goooood”

Warm Regards,

Marla O’Brien

Recipe of the Week: When you feel like something sweet and chocolatey

Chocolate Avocado Pudding (I added peaches and coconut chips)


Julie Daniluk not only shares this recipe but gives us the low down on its very healthy benefits!



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