Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full


“Some people see the glass half full. Others see it half empty. I see a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be.” ― George Carlin –

Most often I go about my day without even thinking, literally, about what I am thinking. When caught unaware, negative, self-defeating thoughts have opportunity to make their way into my head and threaten to leave me with a glass half empty mindset.

The other day I was dropping off a copy of my book, Wine Within Your Comfort Zone to an independent bookstore. As I approached the entrance I began to feel uneasy. The ‘what if’ question began to rear it’s ugly head. What if my book isn’t good enough? What if it’s rejected? What if ‘I’ am rejected? Like a song that plays over and over in my head, what if, left me with negative, self-defeating thoughts. I hadn’t even made it to the store entrance and this glass half empty mindset had me feeling vulnerable, uncertain, and half empty.

While it’s easy to end up in this glass half empty state, it’s not always as easy to catch one’s self in the act. However, what I learned from this experience was that with a little practice at ‘checking in’ with my thoughts, particularly when feeling vulnerable, I could change the glass half empty mindset to the more positive glass half full.

Here are 5 steps to help you keep your glass half full:

  1. Get out of your own way. Limiting beliefs, negative self-talk and a glass half empty mindset only serve to keep you stuck, like that song replaying in my head. If you are tired of hearing the replay of a song in your head, change the song. It’s important to put ‘what if’ thinking in its place. Recognize that it is only fear based and ego driven. Remove ‘what if’ from your playlist and you’ll—Get out of your own way!
  2. Follow your own advice. What would you tell the person who is YOU if they were a best friend or a loved one and came to you for advice? I’m guessing you’d be kind and caring and point out all the wonderful qualities about them. And, you’d want them to feel good about who they are and what you said to them. So go ahead and give yourself a good talking to and then—Follow your own advice!
  3. News Flash! YOU get to choose your thoughts. You always have a choice in any given situation what to think. When you catch yourself in a negative, glass half empty thought, switch it up with a glass half full mindset. You may not always have control over a negative circumstance but try this: smile, be polite, listen, say thank you, and offer a hand shake where appropriate. I love the simplicity of the old adage, ‘actions speak louder than words’. Take positive action and you’ll find yourself thinking positive thoughts—YOU get to choose your thoughts!
  4. Step outside yourself. Take a look at yourself in the mirror. Let go of any negative thoughts that no longer serve you and focus on what matters most. Think of every situation as having positive potential simply by re-thinking through your glass half full mindset—Step outside yourself!
  5. Embrace your ‘You-nique’ self. Like snowflakes, each and every one of us is unique. Yet, we often view our uniqueness through a glass that’s half empty and see our differences from one another as negative. It’s a mental game ruled, once again, by fear and ego. Release the fear, let go of ego—Embrace your ‘You- nique’ self!

Once I’d gotten out of my own way, gave myself a good taking to, changed my playlist and embraced the fact that I’d written a book, I came away inspired. I left the bookstore manager with a copy of my book and did a follow up a few days later.

The result:

Book signing event at Black Bond Books, Maple Ridge,

Sunday, December 14th 1 p.m.

Glass half full indeed!


May your glass always be half full!

Or, may you be a problem solver….

Warmest regards,

Marla O’Brien

Re: George Carlin: See more at:



7 thoughts on “Glass Half Empty or Glass Half Full

  1. Love this blog post!! Just finished your book today!! Loved it-thanks so much. Went out for a super run to celebrate (to the airport path and back) and guess what? There was a double rainbow-perfect eh? I was obviously thinking of you and your book a lot through my wonderful run in the woods and all. Can we get together next week? Betty

  2. Holy Crow! That’s amazing! I am so impressed! I know a real certified published author!!! I am putting this on my calendar!


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