A Priceless Gift


I’ll always remember you as a gift, a gift unlike any other

This gift was pure and self-less, this gift was you, his mother

I’ll always remember your warm embrace the first day that we met

You welcomed me with loving arms and a smile I’ll never forget

I’ll always remember you stepping up to help in every way

When I had lost my mother and my faith had gone astray

I’ll always remember your gentle voice, its softness and its calm

That made me breathe more slowly as I tried to brave my storm

I’ll always remember your gracious ways and how you touched my life

The guidance and advice you gave, as I became his wife

I’ll always remember your tender ways toward your grandsons three

Whose memories will be close at heart throughout eternity


I thank you Marion for everything since the day your son was born

I have received your precious gifts through him at every turn


You are the one who cradled him and kissed his tiny brow

While just a curious infant, a loving grown man now

You are the one who guided him as he baby stepped his way

Along life’s path and challenges that sometimes came his way

You are the one who taught him to be loyal, loving, kind

You led him by example, from your heart and soulful mind

You gave him strength and compassion that is beyond all measure

I am the grateful recipient of your son whom I’ll always treasure

Thank you for all you’ve done for him in your lifetime filled with love

He is the man he is today because of all you’ve done

Thank you for passing on values he now shares among his sons

Priceless gifts you’ve given him that will live on and on

He is a gift and reminder to me of the mom whom he adored

Of the love you gave so selflessly in all its purest form


I’ll always remember you waving at the end of your driveway

As our little family ventured back from a love filled holiday

We missed you then, we miss you now and everywhere and place

You’re remembered today with the endless love that you gave from a place of grace

Rest peacefully Marion O’Brien

I will love you forever and always


Your daughter-in-law, Marla



8 thoughts on “A Priceless Gift

  1. Marla
    What a beautiful tribute to Tim’s mom! You were both very lucky women to have found and loved one another!
    Special hugs to you and Tim, Marla

    1. Thank you Donna. While I have been blessed with an amazing mother-in-law and husband, I have also been blessed by your authentic friendship. Special hugs right back to you!

  2. So sorry to hear about Tim’s mom, Marla. She will live on through your beautiful words!
    Warmest thoughts to you, Tim, and your family.

  3. Marla this touched me more then I could ever say. You have such a gift with words. Our Mother loved you so much as we ALL love you. Always will.

  4. This means so much, thank you! You are and always will be a reminder to me of your beautiful mother. I feel so blessed that you are not only my sister-in-law, also that we are the very best of friends. Love always Marla xo

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