Big Sis, Lil Sis

  Circa 1954 My sister and I will always share a Big Sis, Lil Sis bond, despite a thirteen-year age difference. As a toddler, Big Sis was the source of my first, and countless other, piggyback rides. She’d lug me around the neighbourhood, showing me off to her friends, while looking after me for our … More Big Sis, Lil Sis

A Priceless Gift

I’ll always remember you as a gift, a gift unlike any other This gift was pure and self-less, this gift was you, his mother I’ll always remember your warm embrace the first day that we met You welcomed me with loving arms and a smile I’ll never forget I’ll always remember you stepping up to … More A Priceless Gift

Christmas Memories

I recently came across a website of vintage Christmas ornaments. I’ve never thought of myself as ‘vintage’, even at 60 but when I recognized many of the ornaments I was taken back to one of my earliest Christmas recollections. It was 1959. I was five. My mother had made me a red velvet Christmas dress. … More Christmas Memories

Half Way Through The 40 Day Challenge… A Temporary Interruption… A Welcomed Change

Hard to believe we are HALF WAY THROUGH THE 40 DAY CHALLENGE! Last week I discussed that when we set our health and wellness goals we need to choose a plan we can stick to. We also need to be realistic.  I’ve heard from many of you regarding your progress and one of the things … More Half Way Through The 40 Day Challenge… A Temporary Interruption… A Welcomed Change

I AM WOMAN! …I Think I Can …I Thought I Could

                                                 It was 1986, my husband was out of town on business and there I stood, Ms. I AM Woman, toolbox in hand, ready to dismantle and remove the old plastic toilet seat in our main bathroom. I had found the perfect replacement. A padded, cushiony seat in a lovely sage green with an embossed … More I AM WOMAN! …I Think I Can …I Thought I Could


Many years ago, a new mom watched her son take his first step. As she let go of his tiny hand, she had to trust and in doing so, had released him to experience life in his own curious way. As time passed, new situations presented themselves. The first time she had to leave him … More Trust