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Marla O’Brien is a retired Teacher-Librarian. She is the author of the newly released book, Wine Within Your Comfort Zone. This book reveals the complicated relationship many women have with wine in today’s celebratory culture. Through Offering tips, strategies, and methods women are relearning how to drink in moderation while reclaiming a power from within.

Marla holds a post-graduate diploma in Educational Technology and, in addition to Professional Teaching Certification, holds a diploma in Health and Fitness studies through Simon Fraser University’s Kinesiology department. A former Teacher, Teacher-Librarian, YM-YWCA Fitness Instructor and Community Services Coordinator, Marla serves as a mentor to women in overall health and well-being practices.

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How to enjoy your glass half full:

* Take your time with a glass of fine wine.

* Treat it respectfully by thinking of all the time and labour that went into its creation.

* Gently swirl the glass, holding it by the stem so as not to transfer your body temperature to the glass.

* Sniff the wine and imagine the delicate aromas and what they might be such as, cherry, plum, grapefruit….

* Sip the wine slowly, savouring and awakening all of your senses.

* Allow your conscious awareness to experience the uniqueness of your glass of wine.

*Notice how it changes as you sip it.

* Appreciate the experience and enjoy.

Throughout my book, Wine Within Your Comfort Zone, are helpful tips and strategies to keep you mindful and in control of your wine intake.

“Wine Within Your Comfort Zone”

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Recent reviews:

I just finished your book simply because I couldn’t put it down. You have no idea what an impact it had on me. You are truly a gifted writer and a positive role model. Thank you. As I read about your experiences and the experiences of some of your friends and family, I had many “ah ha” moments. Your gentle approach to controlling wine consumption makes sense. I really needed to read your story. I plan to use your strategies to control my own involvement with alcohol. Like you, I do not feel I am an alcoholic but I do see myself depending on a couple of glasses of wine on a regular basis. I have to question whether the wine is controlling me as well. Thank you so much!


Loved the book! Such an easy read with great tools and tips and remarkable stories interwoven to illustrate your points. This book will resonate with many women – old and young. Well done!  And there’s a NEW book in the works? What a great surprise! Can’t wait….


I have read several chapters of your book and it speaks to me. I am looking forward to reading later tonight.


Marla, I absolutely loved it!
It is so well written with amazing anecdotes and helpful tips. You are so courageous to share so much of yourself to help others. This book is so insightful and empowering to women! I cried, I laughed… I went through a gammit of emotions as I devoured every page.
You helped me get through my MRI the other day! I was very anxious about having it done and as I was being pulled inside that narrow tube my heart began pounding uncontrollably. I didn’t know if I would be able to go through with it until I thought of you. I breathed deeply and convinced myself that I could do this. I went to my “happy” place and managed to get through the 30 minutes without incident. I find your book very useful to help me with my anxiety! Anxiety can be crippling if you do not keep it under control. I totally believe, like you, that if we tap into our inner strength, we can overcome almost anything! Congratulations, Marla, and I cannot wait to read your next one!








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