To Cleanse or Not to Cleanse…


Although ‘The Forty Day Challenge’ has come to an end, I do hope you will continue to challenge yourself and stick with it. Given we are approximately ten weeks before Christmas, now is a great time to contemplate next steps. Some of you may have considered doing a cleanse. Trouble is, not all cleanses are created equal and some experts raise the question of whether a cleanse is actually good for you.

Most of us know at least one person who has done a cleanse and swears by the one they did, but how do you know what is best for you? Walk into any health food store or search the internet and you’ll find a myriad of choices and products. You may think that you should choose one based on its popularity however, based on what I’ve read, there are other important considerations. Doing a cleanse doesn’t have to be super complicated, expensive and/or time consuming either, especially if you lead a healthy lifestyle to begin with.


I’ve provided a few sites within this post that offer some options and are worthy of consideration. Go ahead and read them through to see if there is one that best suits you. Follow your intuition on this because nobody knows you better than you know yourself. You know what you eat, drink and how active you are. You know what environmental toxins you are exposed to and if you don’t, this might be a good place to start. Go with what you know in order to make your decision. Don’t forget to really get in touch with your body and ask yourself how you are feeling. You may be surprised and decide that all you need to do, is to just keep doing what you are doing because IT’S WORKING!

Keep in mind that not everyone thinks a cleanse is actually good for you. I’ve included a few sites that may help you decide whether or not you should do a cleanse in the first place. Much of it makes good common sense to me.

*Please know that I am in no way promoting the purchase of any of the products within these sites. I apologize for all the advertising as it is out of my control.

The following sites are pro cleanse and offer  some options:

The following sites discuss why a cleanse may not be good for you:


Now that you’ve done your research, don’t just do a cleanse because it’s trendy and everyone else is doing it. Trust your instincts, do what’s best for you and keep it R.E.A.L..

Recipe of the week: Beet Salad

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Warm Regards,

Marla O’Brien


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